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Kitchen and Bathroom Styling Tips for Staging Your House: Make Your Home Irresistible to Buyers

The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most important rooms in a home when it comes to selling. These spaces are often the deciding factor for buyers, and they can greatly impact the perceived value of a property. In this blog post, we'll share some styling tips for staging your kitchen and bathroom that will help you make your home irresistible to potential buyers.

Declutter and Deep Clean Before you begin styling your kitchen and bathroom, it's important to declutter and deep clean these spaces. Remove any unnecessary items, and make sure all surfaces are spotless. This will help create a blank canvas for your staging efforts and make your home more attractive to buyers.

Soften Hard Surfaces with Towels Fresh, fluffy towels and an updated shower curtain give the bathroom a clean and spa-like feeling. For a nominal investment you can purchase a few new towels and a shower curtain. Bright white is always a safe bet, but most solid colors will do. For the shower curtain, stick to a light hue to keep the space feeling as large as possible.

Check the Lighting Ensure all lights are in working order and are of matching lumens. A 2500 lumen bulb in the same room with a 5000 lumen bulb will create a feeling that something is "off" to potential buyers. We recommend 3000-3500 lumens.

Clean Out Drawers and Cabinets Buyers will often look inside drawers and cabinets and you want to present a clean and organized space for them. Changing out old and dirty drawer liners and packing away items that aren't used daily are good starting points.

Use Decorative Storage Storage is important in both the kitchen and bathroom, but it's also important to make sure it looks good. Use decorative baskets, trays, and jars to store items like towels, soap, and kitchen utensils. This will help create a neat and organized look while also adding visual interest to the space.

Styling your kitchen and bathroom is an important part of staging your home for sale. By following these tips, you can create a polished and put-together look in these spaces that will help make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Remember to declutter and deep clean, create a cohesive color scheme, add fresh flowers and plants, display matching accessories, and use decorative storage. With the right styling techniques, you can sell your home faster and for a higher price, making it an irresistible option for potential buyers.

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