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5 Must-Do Tasks for Homeowners Before Staging: Preparing Your Home for a Successful Sale!

As a professional home stager, I can tell you that the homeowner plays a vital role in the success of the staging process. Before the staging takes place, there are several things that the homeowner should do to prepare their home. In this blog post, we will discuss the work that the homeowner should do before the staging takes place.

1. Clean and declutter

The first step in preparing a home for staging is to clean and declutter. The homeowner should take the time to thoroughly clean every room in the home, including closets and storage spaces. They should also remove any unnecessary items and clutter, as this can make the home look smaller and less appealing to potential buyers. It's important to make sure the home is tidy and organized before the stager arrives.

2. Repair and fix

Minor repairs can go a long way in improving the appearance of a home. Before the stager arrives, the homeowner should inspect the home for any damages, such as cracked tiles or holes in the walls, and fix them accordingly. This will help ensure that the home looks well-maintained and appealing to potential buyers.

3. Remove personal items

During the staging process, the goal is to create a neutral and welcoming atmosphere that will appeal to a broad range of potential buyers. To achieve this, the homeowner should remove any personal items such as family photos, memorabilia, or items that reflect their personal taste. This will help create a blank canvas that the stager can work with to create a cohesive and inviting look.

4. Consider curb appeal

The exterior of a home is just as important as the interior, as it creates the first impression that potential buyers will have of the property. The homeowner should take the time to enhance the curb appeal of their home by mowing the lawn, trimming bushes, and removing any debris or clutter from the yard. This will help make the home look well-maintained and attractive to potential buyers.

5. Neutralize colors and decor

The homeowner should consider neutralizing the colors and decor in their home, as this can help create a more appealing and cohesive look. This can include painting the walls in neutral colors, removing any bold or bright accessories, and simplifying the overall decor. By creating a neutral and welcoming atmosphere, the home will appeal to a broader range of potential buyers.

The work that the homeowner does before the staging takes place can make a significant difference in the overall success of the staging process. By cleaning, decluttering, repairing, removing personal items, enhancing curb appeal, and neutralizing colors and decor, the homeowner can create a blank canvas that the stager can work with to create an appealing and welcoming atmosphere.

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