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Meet Kelly Edwards

I’ve always had an eye for beauty and a passion for style. I started my business with one goal in mind: to help create dream spaces where buyers can see themselves in the new chapter they are about to enter.

My passion for interior design started in my childhood, where I would draw floorplans of my bedroom and how I planned to rearrange it. As an adult I studied Interior Design in college, became certified, and have worked as a Design Consultant for several years. To further stretch my wings, I opened a successful online store dedicated to curating hard-to-find wares for high-end designers and collectors.  Then came Kelly Edwards Staging & Design where my love for the design freedom that staging brings found its way into my heart.  As the business scaled up, I decided to rebrand as Stage•ology, a company that focuses solely on staging homes in the East Bay.

Contact us today so we can start working together soon!

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